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HRB calls and awards: status update

14 May 2015

Keeping you up-to-date with where your application is in the assessment process, what deadlines are looming or when new calls will be announced.

Applied Research Projects in Dementia 2015: The international peer-review and shortlisting is now complete and the Principal Investigators have recently responded to those comments. The panel members are currently reviewing the shortlisted applications prior to the panel meeting on the 8th of June with a decision expected by the HRB Board at the end of June.

HRB Health Professional Fellowships: Applications reviewed by international panel, contracts due to be awarded in June 2015. 

HRB Health Research Awards: Applications are currently undergoing international peer review. The various panels will meet during September, with a decision by the HRB Board in October 2015.

Cancer Prevention Fellowship Programme: Call announcement due mid-May 2015.

Cancer Research Nursing Project Development Grants: Call announcement due in late May or early June 2015.

Cochrane fellowships: deadline for applications looming – 4 June 2015.

SFI-HRB –Wellcome Trust Biomedical Partnership: Grant schemes supported under this partnership are ongoing and details can be found on the Wellcome Trust Website 

US – Ireland R&D Partnership: this is a rolling call, with deadlines set by the various NIH Institutes. It opened in 2014, and will continue to run.

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