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Future HRB strategy - consulting with you

14 May 2015

The HRB is in the process of developing a new strategic plan which will direct our activity for the period 2016 – 2020. An integral part of this process is engaging with people who are interested in the future of Irish health research at various steps along the way.

Graham Love, Chief Executive, HRB

We are seeking constructive feedback from HRB stakeholders to:-

  1. Test our provisional ideas ‘in the field’.
  2. Identify any significant gaps, or potential errors, in those ideas. 

How to contribute

To inform your thinking, we have published a strategy consultation document. This provides a brief background and outlines proposed areas of focus for the HRB over the next five years. 

The rationale behind these areas of focus is briefly articulated and associated objectives are defined. We would appreciate your feedback on the areas of focus and objectives, your suggestions for actions to support them, as well as ideas around how we measure success. 

We recognise you are busy, but would welcome your clear and succinct thoughts and views at this stage in the development of the strategy.  To make it easy, we have created a SurveyMonkey questionnaire for you to provide feedback. 

There are direct links below to the HRB strategy page on our website, the consultation document and SurveyMonkey questionnaire.

Please note that the closing date for this phase of consultation is Friday 22 May 2015.

If you have any further questions in relation to the consultation which have not been addressed through the consultation document or survey monkey, please email 

HRB strategy page

Strategy Consultation Document

SurveyMonkey questionnaire

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