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Public and patient involvement (PPI) in research

29 November 2017

The HRB is set to extend its PPI scheme and include another two schemes in 2017 and 2018.

Those schemes are:

  • Definitive Interventions and Feasibility Awards 2018 (which is currently open), and
  • Applying Research into Policy and Practice Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards 2018 (opening in January 2018).

This decision follows an evaluation of the HRB Public Review Pilot. The pilot was conducted during 2017 on the Investigator-Led Project (ILP) funding call. Within a very short time from the first radio adverts that announced the pilot, the HRB had received 900 expressions of interest from the public. Enrollment had to be closed early and 448 full written applications were submitted.

According to Dr Anne Cody, HRB,

'From the HRB's perspective, the pilot was a definite success. It demonstrated a substantial public interest in being involved in some way in the health research process. And the majority of public applicants were motivated to participate for societal reasons around the 'greater good' and wanting to improve the health service'.

In the pilot 56 ILP applications, out of a total number of 133 applications, were examined by public reviewers and their comments were relayed back to the research applicants. The evaluation of the overall pilot programme indicated that the process used by the HRB worked well and was well received by both the public and the research community.

You can download and read the full evaluation of the pilot from the HRB website at the link below.

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