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ezine Issue 24 - Summer 2017

HRB ezine Issue 24 - Summer 2017

HRB Ones 2 Watch - competition open

11 August 2017

Entry is open for the Ones 2 Watch competition. Closing deadline is 12 noon on 31 August 2017.[more]

Award for healthcare innovation

11 August 2017

Submit an entry for the HRB Healthcare Innovation Award at the Irish Medical and Surgical Trade Association (IMSTA) Med Tech Awards 2017.[more]

Elaine Twomey: A high-fidelity approach to changing health behaviours

11 August 2017

Researcher profile: A HRB-funded summer project sparked physiotherapist Dr Elaine Toomey’s interest in research, and she is now working on health behaviour change at NUI Galway, developing an intervention to address childhood...[more]

Palliative care week - Workshop on knowledge transfer and exchange

11 August 2017

As part of National Palliative Care Week which runs from 3 - 9 September 2017, you can build your expertise in knowledge transfer and exchange and learn how to design a dissemination plan for your research project at the outset...[more]

Grant Applications - Summer updates

11 August 2017

Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination Scheme (KEDS) 2017 progress, advance notice of a new call, 'Applying Research into Policy & Practice Postdoctoral Fellowship' (ARPP).[more]

Potential access to €30 billion research funding pot through Horizon 2020

11 August 2017

Irish researchers will have the opportunity compete for new EU funding when the 2018 – 2020 H2020 work programme is launched in October 2017.[more]

Opening doors to new funding sources for Personalised Medicine

11 August 2017

Irish researchers will now have access to a European Research Area Network (ERANET) in Personalised Medicine. [more]

Interested in the future of personalised medicine?

11 August 2017

Join others at the first European Personalised Medicine Congress in Belfast from 28-30 November 2017. [more]

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