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ezine Issue 21 - April 2017

HRB ezine Issue 21 - April 2017

Home Care - what do other countries do?

28 April 2017

HRB looks at regulation and financing in four European countries.[more]

Grant Applications - April updates

28 April 2017

Lots of updates including ....Emerging Investigator Awards for Health 2017, Investigator Led Projects 2017, PPI Ignite awards, and many more[more]

Researcher profile: Cutting a DASH in health and diet research

28 April 2017

Professor Ivan Perry leads a HRB-funded Centre to look at diet and health, and the results are boosting our understanding of healthy dietary patterns. He talks to Dr Claire O'Connell...[more]

Upcoming conferences

28 April 2017

Health Products Regulatory Authority, Conference on Nightlife and substance use...[more]

Wellcome change to Fellowship schemes

28 April 2017

The Wellcome have removed their time restriction rule that prevented newly awarded PhD graduates from applying for Wellcome funding.[more]

Marking International Clinical Trials Day 2017

28 April 2017

For the grown ups: HRB-CRCI Seminar: Improving Patient Health Through Clinical Research. For the not quite so grown ups: HRB-TMRN START competition (Schools Teaching Awareness of Randomised Trials)[more]

National Patient Experience Survey

28 April 2017

For the first time in Ireland, a new nationwide survey will ask patients for their views on hospital care. [more]

Psychoactive substances - HRB data illustrates policy impact

28 April 2017

Data from the HRB's National Drug Treatment Reporting System was used in a journal paper that examined the influence of The Psychoactive Substances Act 2010. [more]

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