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ezine Issue 2 - July 2015

Breaking up MRSA - new discovery could reduce device related infections in hospitals

9 July 2015

A discovery about how bacteria cling to the surfaces of medical devices, could have potential to significantly reduce infections from devices like catheters and other lines inserted into the body.[more]

Tips to improve grant application success

9 July 2015

Some of the most frequent feedback comments from reviewers to unsuccessful applicants ...[more]

We're streamlining HRB information systems

9 July 2015

Easier data entry, enhanced data quality, increased quantity of information gathered and opening up access to our data online. These are just some of the benefits from the new LINK programme, which will see the HRB national...[more]

Grant applications: status updates

9 July 2015

Updates on Applied Research Projects in Dementia 2015, Health Professional Fellowships, HRB Research Leaders, and more...[more]

Tailored resource for practitioners in drugs and alcohol area

9 July 2015

Librarians in the HRB’s national drugs library, the National Documentation Centre on Drug Use (NDC), have developed a new resource to help practitioners find drug and alcohol research and evidence related to their work or...[more]

Hot off the press

9 July 2015

Biomed Central has a new journal, Research involvement and engagement. Primarily a health and social care journal, it focuses on patient and wider involvement and engagement in research, at all stages. Some interesting papers...

Ireland’s prescription medicine claims bill set to climb

9 July 2015

A HRB-funded study, led by Prof Noel Woods in UCC, estimates that as Ireland’s older population increases, the State could face an annual bill of €2 billion by 2026.[more]

Health effects of water fluoridation

9 July 2015

HRB conducts review and finds no definitive evidence that community water fluoridation has negative health effects.[more]

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