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ezine Issue - 18 February 2017

HRB ezine Issue 18 - February 2017

HRB – Interim Chief Executive appointed

2 February 2017

Dr Mairéad O'Driscoll, will be appointed Interim Chief Executive at the Health Research Board while recruitment for the position is underway.[more]

HRB30 Conference - rapporteur reports

2 February 2017

A short main summary report, along with each of the individual keynote speakers, is available on the HRB website.[more]

Taking on the superbugs

2 February 2017

Irish researchers to gain access to new funding and collaboration opportunities as Ireland applies to join the EU-led Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance (JPIAMR).[more]

Alcohol dependency and epilepsy deaths - data reveals how lives might be saved

2 February 2017

Research from Ena Lynn (HRB) and others, reveals that in the majority of deaths due to epilepsy among people who are alcohol dependent, there were no anti-epileptic drugs in their systems at the time of deaths. It is possible...[more]

Grant applications - February updates

2 February 2017

Emerging Investigator Awards for Health 2017, Fulbright-HRB Health Impact Award, Summer Student Scholarship 2017, and more...[more]

New hope for clearing viruses through restoration of the immune system

2 February 2017

Researcher profile: Dr Nigel Stevenson looks at how viruses “hoodwink” our immune systems, and his work is discovering prospects for new therapies. He talks to Claire O'Connell...[more]

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