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ezine Issue 16 - November 2016

HRB ezine Issue 16 - November 2016

DASSL-ing Ireland as we prepare to make use of one of our greatest national assets, health data

29 November 2016

Earlier this year the HRB published the 'affectionately' named DASSL (Data Access, Storage, Sharing and Linkage) report. The report outlines the key elements required to create a robust data sharing and linkage environment in...[more]

HRB Grant Applications - November updates

29 November 2016

145 applications for Investigator-led projects 2017, Summer Student Scholarships opening soon and lots more...[more]

The art of unmasking ‘phantom’ heart pains

29 November 2016

Cork cardiologist and scientist Dr James Dollard has discovered biochemical truths about a puzzling heart condition, potentially offering better diagnosis. He talks to Claire O'Connell.[more]

Evidence review: Interventions to promote breastfeeding

29 November 2016

2,213 search results whittled down to 36 quality studies on interventions that promote rates of breastfeeding and the duration of breastfeeding.[more]

Get your thumbs ready

29 November 2016

As part of our programme to mark 30 years of growth and success in health research, the HRB will take to twitter in mid-December to highlight some recent achievements in health research. [more]

International Consortium for Personalised Medicine established

29 November 2016

Dr Mairead O'Driscoll from the HRB has been elected Chair of the newly formed International Consortium of Personalised Medicine (ICPerMed). [more]

Health data to inform services

29 November 2016

'Health data, like this, has a crucial role to play in improving health care services. The NPSDD is unique in that it captures data not only on service use and need but on the lived experience of disability and this is a powerful...[more]

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