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Press Release

Press release

HRB launches Strategy 2016-2020

18 January 2016

Health Research Board to invest €250 million to drive greater innovation in clinical practice, health service design and delivery.

New five-year HRB strategy to embed research at the core of the Irish health system.

The Health Research Board’s main focus to 2020 will be on research that addresses key health questions of national relevance. The HRB strategy for 2016-2020, published today (Tuesday 19 January 2016), highlights the need for substantially increased innovation in both clinical practice and health service design and delivery in order to meet Ireland’s health and social care needs. The HRB will invest almost €250 million in a wide range of health areas over the next five years to help achieve this.

According to Graham Love, Chief Executive of the HRB;

“Research saves lives. It provides the basis for innovation in healthcare. We will support the best people and create the right environment to generate research, evidence and actions to improve people’s health and our health services.”

In summary, the HRB will focus on three key areas: 

1. Addressing major health challenges in society through innovative and internationally-competitive research. International collaboration and working help to address the scale of many health challenges that cannot be funded or solved by Ireland alone. These challenges require the integration of a wide range of expertise, facilities, innovations, patient cohorts and internationalised research supports. 

2. Supporting the design of healthcare interventions and clinical trials to directly improve health outcomes and health service delivery in Ireland. This will lead to the practical translation of research discoveries into changes in behaviour, new treatments or approaches to care.  

3. Addressing the research needs of the Irish health and social care system. This will provide research, information or evidence that will fill gaps in knowledge, inform changes in policy and practice and support health system needs. Work in this area will be conducted in close collaboration with the health services and policy makers. 

To support these areas the HRB will:

A. Support exceptional researchers and leaders. A highly skilled workforce will not only generate great research ideas, but also ensure that research is translated into evidence that can be put to practical use in health policy and practice. 

B. Build a strong enabling environment for health research. Having the correct research infrastructure, in proximity to healthcare settings is essential to generate excellence, critical mass and collaboration. We will continue to build our clinical research infrastructure that will underpin the needs of the research community. 

C. Enhance HRB’s performance. The HRB will continually work to improve how we work, listening to our stakeholders and ensuring we provide the responsive leadership required to deliver better health and improve health services. 

A full copy of HRB Strategy 2016-2020, Research. Evidence. Action. is available at

For more information contact:

Gillian Markey, Communications Manager

Health Research Board

An Bord Taighde Sláinte

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