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HRB 30 Rapporteur reports

HRB 30 Conference - Rapporteur's main summary

30 January 2017

Looking beyond ‘bench to bedside’ – opportunities for research in healthcare[more]

Professor Mike Kelly

30 January 2017

Quick! Think slow, and wear out shoe leather to improve health outcomes with research.[more]

Dr Tony Holohan

30 January 2017

Health research into practice: complexity that needs participation[more]

Simon Harris, TD, Minister for Health

30 January 2017

Investing in evidence and outcomes – through health research[more]

Dr Shoo K. Lee

30 January 2017

An EPIQ success – changing our views on healthcare delivery research in neonatal intensive care[more]

Professor Louise Kenny

30 January 2017

HRB-funded research sows the seeds for healthier mothers and babies[more]

Professor Fidelma Dunne

30 January 2017

HRB-funded research achieves impressive results to prevent and manage diabetes in pregnancy[more]

Professor Ella Arensman

30 January 2017

Data-driven research to help prevent suicide and self-harm[more]

Professor Orla Hardiman

30 January 2017

HRB Clinician-scientist discovers new insights into Motor Neuron Disease[more]

Professor Kathleen Bennett

30 January 2017

Aspirin, hormones and breast cancer [more]

Dr Molly Byrne

30 January 2017

HRB Centre puts science behind plans to change behaviours[more]

Professor Eilis McAiliffe

30 January 2017

Engaging healthcare staff and the public as co-researchers to strengthen health systems [more]

Dr Sara Burke

30 January 2017

Evidence needs to meet policy in healthcare – deciphering shades of grey[more]

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