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Research Officer - Core Competencies

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Research Officer (Services IV / R&I IV / Research Officer grade)

 Teamwork and Leadership
  • Works with the team to facilitate high performance, developing clear and realistic objectives and addressing and performance issues if they arise and able to either a team leader or team member on evidence centre products.
  • Provides clear information and advice as to what is required of the team and able to meet agreed deadlines.
  • Strives to develop and implement new ways of working effectively to meet objectives.
  • Leads and participates in the team by example, supporting individuals as required.
  • Places high importance on people development, training and maximising the skills and capacity of the team.
  • Is flexible and willing to adapt, positively contributing to the implementation of change.
Analysis & Decision Making
  • Gathers and analyses information from relevant sources, weighing up a range of critical factors.
  • Takes account of any broader issues and related implications when making decisions.
  • Uses previous knowledge and experience in order to guide decisions.
  • Makes sound decisions with a well-reasoned rationale and stands by these.
  • Puts forward solutions to address problems.
  • Judgement and decision-making.
  • Identify and decide how the policy needs of the DOH staff translate into a research question(s); identify the search strategy that locates the most appropriate literature or method to answer the question(s); identify the resources required to answer the question; identify the strengths and limitations of the chosen approach; identify the most appropriate approach (layout, language, tables, graphs, word count) to present the answers the questions. 
  • Identify and decide the key messages for a presentation, the most effective method to communicate the messages, and the most effective method to ensure that they are retained. 
  • Identify and document key steps in work processes.
  • Identify key DOH stakeholders in work processes and ensure that they are involved in communications and decision-making.
  • Ensure that identified tasks meet the goals and objectives set out in annual business plans.
Management & Delivery of Results
  • Takes responsibility and is accountable for the delivery of agreed objectives.
  • Successfully manages a range of different projects and work activities at the same time.
  • Is logical and pragmatic in approach, delivering the best possible results with the resources available.
  • Completes and delegates work effectively, providing clear information and evidence as to what is required.
  • Applies appropriate systems/ processes to enable quality checking of all activities and outputs.
  • Practices and promotes a strong focus on delivering high quality customer service, for internal and external customer.
  • Able to respond to emergency requests for the DOH and other stakeholders.
  • Develop and adapt research resources to meet the identified needs of policy makers and service providers.
  • Able to meet stringent time deadlines.
Interpersonal & Communication Skills
  • Builds and maintains contact with colleagues and other stakeholders to assist in performing own role.
  • Work as an active member of the evidence centre team.
  • Encourages open and constructive discussions around work issues.
  • Projects conviction, gaining buy-in by outlining relevant information and selling the benefits.
  • Treats others with diplomacy, tact, courtesy and respect , even in challenging circumstances.
  • Presents information clearly, concisely and confidently when speaking and in writing.
  • Communicate with DOH and HSE as required, answering queries, advising on search strategies, and helping them to use research.
  • Able to present the results of evidence reviews in a succinct manner using existing templates.
  • Able to write brief research reviews and evidence reviews in a succinct and clear manner that require minimum proofing.
Drive and Commitment
  • Strives to perform at a high level, investing significant energy to achieve agreed objectives.
  • Demonstrates resilience in the face of challenging circumstances and high demands.
  • Is personally trustworthy and can be relied upon.
  • Ensures that customers are at the heart of all services provided.
  • Upholds high standards of honesty, ethics and integrity.
Specialist Knowledge, Expertise and Self Development
  • Has a clear understanding of the roles, objectives and targets of self and team and how they fit into the work of the unit and organisation and effectively communicates this to others.
  • Has high levels of expertise and broad Public Sector knowledge relevant to his/her area of work.
  • Able to assist with translating health policy needs into research questions.
  • Able to search and retrieve health literature using a systematic approach.
  • Able to manage the completion of evidence products from inception to completion within the required timeframe.
  • Able to identify and present the key findings.
  • Able to provide training to DOH and HSE policy makers and planners.  

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