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Information Specialist - Core Competencies

Information Specialist (Services II / R&I II / Researcher I grade)

 Leadership Potential
  • Is flexible and willing to adapt, positively contributing to the implementation of change.
  • Contributes to the development of policies in own area and the broader Department.
  • Seeks to understand the implications of taking a particular position on issues and how interdependencies need to be addressed in a logical and consistent way.
  • Maximises the contribution of the team, encouraging ownership, providing support and working effectively with others.
  • Formulates a perspective on issues considered important and actively contributes across a range of settings.
Analysis & Decision Making
  • Is skilled in policy analysis and development, challenging the established wisdom and adopting an open-minded approach.
  • Quickly gets up to speed in a complex situation, rapidly absorbing all relevant information/data. 
  • Identifies key themes and patterns in and across different sources of information, drawing sound and balanced conclusions.
  • Is resourceful and creative, generating original approaches when solving problems and making decisions.
Delivery of Results
  • Assumes personal responsibility for and delivers on agreed objectives/ goals.
  • Manages and progresses multiple projects and work activities successfully.
  • Accurately estimates time parameters for projects and manages own time efficiently, anticipating obstacles and making contingencies for overcoming these.
  • Maintains a strong focus on meeting the needs of customers at all times.
  • Ensures all outputs are delivered to a high standard and in an efficient manner.
  • Use resources effectively, at all times challenging processes to improve efficiencies.
Interpersonal & Communication Skills
  • Communicates in a fluent, logical, clear and convincing manner verbally and in writing.
  • Is able to listen effectively and develop a two-way dialogue quickly.
  • Maintains a strong focus on meeting the needs of internal and external customers.
  • Effectively influences others to take action.
  • Works to establish mutual understanding to allow for collaborative working.
  • Works effectively with a broad range of stakeholders to achieve objectives.  
Drive and Commitment
  • Consistently strives to perform at a high level.
  • Maintains consistent effort under pressure and is resilient to criticism or setbacks at work.
  • Demonstrates high levels of initiative, taking ownership of projects and demonstrating high levels of self sufficiency.
  • Is personally trustworthy and can be relied upon.
  • Places the citizen at the heart of all process and systems.
  • Upholds the highest standards of honesty, ethics and integrity.
Specialist Knowledge, Expertise and Self Development
  • Clearly understands the role, objectives and targets and how they fit into the work of the unit and Dept.
  • Develops the expertise necessary to carry out the role to a high standard and shares this with others.
  • Is proactive in keeping up to date on issues and key developments that may impact on own area, the Department and/ or wider public service.
  • Consistently reviews own performance and sets self-challenging goals and targets.
  • Has significant expertise in his/her field that is recognised and utilised by colleagues.

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