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Professor William Molloy

Professor William Molloy

Professor William Molloy is the Head of Department, Centre for Gerontology and Rehabilitation, School of Medicine, University College Cork. Professor Molloy - M.B, B.Ch, B.A.O. (1977); M.R.C.P. IRELAND (1980); L.M.C.C. (May 1983); F.R.C.P.(C) (1985) Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine - graduated from UCC in 1977 and was appointed as the Chair of the newly established Centre of Gerontology and Rehabilitation (CGR) in September 2010.

Based on the campus of St Finbarr’s Hospital in Cork City and funded by Atlantic Philanthropies, the CGR has a core remit to establish interdisciplinary teaching and learning in Gerontology, Rehabilitation and End of Life Care in UCC, and to raise the standard of care for the elderly in the south of Ireland in general.  Professor Molloy is also a practicing medical consultant in Mercy University, Cork University and St. Finbarr's Hospitals.

Prior to this he was Professor of Medicine at McMaster University, Canada and St. Peter’s McMaster Chair in Aging.  Professor. Molloy has an extensive publication history in the area of Dementia and current research interests include advance directives, clinical trials in dementia and efficient use of acute hospital services for older people.

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