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Professor Bernadette Hannigan

Professor Bernadette Hannigan is Director of Research, Translation and Innovation in Public Health England, overseeing research often in collaboration with universities or other research institutions, funded by UK or global organisations. Previously (2008 – 2014) Bernie was Director of R&D for Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland, preceded by academia and academic leadership (in research and innovation) with the University of Ulster. Her contribution to science and society was broadened through participation in many national or international boards, committees and other bodies.

A native of Dublin, Bernie’s undergraduate education was at Trinity College Dublin (Natural Sciences) and PhD from the National University of Ireland for research at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (Immunology). Bernie has led or been part of research teams that enabled her authorship of over 100 academic papers and 2 textbooks, successful supervision of 20 PhD students and attraction of significant competitive funding.

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