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Dr Barry Cullen

Dr Barry Cullen

Dr. Barry Cullen is coordinator of the Dun Laoghaire and Rathdown Drugs and Alcohol Task Force, for the Southside Partnership. He qualified in social work (1980) in Trinity College Dublin, where he also received his M. Litt (1993), which considered the social and community impact of opiate misuse problems, and his PhD (2009), which explored the management of alcohol in society. 

During the 1980s Dr Cullen worked in child, youth and community services, and in the 1990s he worked in evaluation, both independently and for Combat Poverty Agency. He also lectured in social work at Trinity College (2003-6; 2008-11). Dr Cullen has an extensive professional involvement with substance misuse problems and in his current working role he is engaged in a community-led process for changing public and professional attitudes to alcohol. In a voluntary capacity Dr Cullen has served on the management of community-based projects and services in Dublin. 

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