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Research 2004 - 2009

  • Happy Living Here....
  • Family support study
  • High Support Community Residence Census
  • It's good to talk...
  • Suicide, attempted suicide and prevention in Ireland and elsewhere
  • HRB psychological wellbeing and distress survey: Baseline results
  • Psychological distress, mental health problems and use of health services in Ireland
  • Internet and seeking health information online in Ireland
  • Reducing the revolving door phenomena
  • Trends in psychiatric admissions for under 18 year olds
  • An audit of new long-stay patients in Irish psychiatric inpatient services
  • Self-reported mental health problems and seeking health from the GP
  • Predictors of self-reported medication use for mental health problems
  • Community Treatment orders and readmissions
  • Trends in discharges for those with a psychiatric illness from acute general hospitals and psychiatric hospitals in Ireland
  • Recovering from recurrent mental health problems
  • Ireland and Scotland - Psychiatric inpatient admission comparisons
  • Alcohol Research
  • Schizophrenia Research