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The document Planning Services for People with Disabilities - A Guide to the Physical and Sensory Disability Database was prepared by the National Physical & Sensory Disability Database Committee, which includes representatives from the non-statutory sector, Health Service Executive areas, Health Research Board and the Department of Health and Children. It was prepared for individuals and parents/guardians of individuals who may be included on the database. It provides information about what the NPSDD is, how it operates, what information is on the database, who has access to this information and how it is used, the rights of the individual and why the database is needed. This information leaflet is also available in Irish, French, Russian and Polish. An easy to read version of this document is available in English.

Information is collected from people who meet the following criteria:

  • Have an ongoing disabling condition that is physical, sensory and/or speech and language;
  • May have more than one type of disabling condition but where the main condition is physical or sensory;
  • Are less than 66 years of age
  • Are receiving or need a specialised health and personal social service that is related to their disabling condition; and
  • Have consented to being included on the database.

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