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The document Planning Services for People with Disabilities - A Guide to the Intellectual Disability Database was prepared by the National Intellectual Disability Database Committee in association with the Department of Health and Children and Inclusion Ireland (a national voluntary organisation working to promote the rights of people with intellectual disability in Ireland). It was prepared for individuals and their parents/guardians who may be included on the Database. It provides information such as how the Database operates, what information is on the Database, and who has access to this information. This information leaflet is also available in Irish, French, Russian and Polish. An easy to read version of this document is available in English.

Information is collected from people who meet the following criteria:

  • Individuals who have a moderate, severe, or profound intellectual disability.
  • Individuals who have a mild intellectual disability and who are in receipt of a specialised health service.
  • Individuals who have a mild intellectual disability and who have been assessed as requiring a specialised health service immediately, within the next five years, or has contingency requirements for such services.
  • Individuals (whether or not they have any level of intellectual disability) who are in receipt of specialised health services from an intellectual disability service.
  • Anyone who is in a psychiatric hospital who has been assessed as having an intellectual disability.
  • Individuals who have a syndrome of which intellectual disability is usually a feature such as Down Syndrome.

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