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National Intellectual Disability Database

The National Intellectual Disability Database (NIDD) is a set of information that outlines the specialised health services currently used or needed by people with intellectual disability. The database informs the regional and national planning of these services by providing information on trends in demographics, current service use and future service need. The database answers three main questions:

  • What is the demographic profile of people with intellectual disability in the Republic of Ireland? What are their ages, gender and level of intellectual disability, and how have these changed over time?
  • How many people with intellectual disability are receiving specialised health services and what services do they receive?
  • How many people with intellectual disability are waiting for specialised health services, what service are they waiting for and when, in the next five years, do they need these services?

The NIDD was established in 1995 and has in excess of 25,500 registrations. The database is managed by the HRB on behalf of the Department of Health and Children.




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