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Alcohol consumption in Ireland 2013

23 June 2014

75% of alcohol consumed in Ireland is done so as part of binge session

A new report from the Health Research Board, Alcohol Consumption in Ireland 2013: Analysis of a national alcohol diary survey, highlights harmful drinking patterns among drinkers in Ireland. The survey, involving almost 6,000 people, aged 18-75 years during 2013, indicates that more than 150,000 people are dependent drinkers, more than a 1.35 million are harmful drinkers according to WHO standards. Thirty per cent of people interviewed say that they experienced some form of harm as a result of their own drinking. The report also reveals we underestimate what we drink by about 60%.

More details are available from the press release at the second link below. The full report can also be downloaded from the Publications section of the HRB website, and at the first link under this article.

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