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Mental Health Research

Researchers in the Mental Health Information Systems Unit carry out health services research studies using the national mental health databases based in the Unit and collaborate with external researchers to publish policy relevant papers.

Selected Findings and Policy Implications from 10 Years of HRB Mental Health Research

On the closure of the HRB Mental Health Research Programme in 2009 health researchers from the Unit compiled a selection of the most significant research findings culled from over a 100 research papers published between 1999 - 2009 and spelt out the policy implications of the work. The document can be downloaded below.

Following a strategic review of HRB activities, the broader research concerns exploring psycho-social and environmental aspects of mental health, wellbeing and distress will no longer be addressed by researchers in the MHIS Unit.

Since 2010 MHIS researchers are focussing on gathering, analyzing and researching (resources permitting) the information from the National Psychiatric Inpatient Reporting System (NPIRS) and related databases.