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Mental Health Performance Indicator Reports

Every quarter with the cooperation of the HSE mental health services, the MHIS Unit issues reports on mental health Performance Indicator (PI) data recorded on the National Psychiatric In-patient Reporting System (NPIRS). The reports present data on activity in HSE operated acute in-patient units/hospitals and are based on a PI template developed by the HSE.

Information is provided by mental health catchment area and is aggregated by each of the four HSE administrative areas. A national PI report and a hospital type report are also produced.

Data on specific indicators relating to admissions to and discharges from these units/hospitals are presented for each quarter, for example, number and rate of all, first and re-admissions, number of involuntary admissions, number of new long-stay etc. Reports are published three months in arrears, i.e., data for Q1 of the working year is published by 30 June of that year.

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Please click here for a sample of the PI report template