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Mental Health

The Mental Health Information Systems Unit - MHIS compiles and analyses national statistics on inpatient psychiatric activity in all psychiatric hospitals and units nation-wide. Facilities in both the public and private sectors contribute to the National Psychiatric Inpatient Reporting System database - NPIRS. Annual reports are provided along with regional and national Bulletins.

The Unit carries out regular inpatient censuses which allow for analysis of change in mental health services and service users over time. Quarterly Performance Indicator reporting at catchment area and HSE administrative area levels is also provided.

The MHIS mental health information system data is used extensively for national and regional health service management, policy and planning. The data is also used for international comparative purposes.

Researchers in the Unit carry out health services research studies using the databases and provide policy relevant publications often in collaboration with external researchers.

The Unit engages in ongoing quality assurance in relation to its databases and provides a custom service to stakeholders with database-related queries.