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HRB Annual Report 2015 published

28 June 2016

€41.5 million in funding, 125 major awards made, 3,000 patients on clinical trials, along with major contributions to health policy - just some of the HRB's achievements during 2015.

Graham Love Chief Executive of the HRB commented,

‘The HRB has delivered real improvements for people’s health, patient care and health policy in 2015. We warmly welcome the new Programme for Government and its commitment to increase funding for health research. Through our new strategy, Research. Evidence. Action. 2016 – 2020, we will fund research that addresses major health challenges, as well the needs of the Irish health and social care systems.

We believe that research and evidence are the foundation on which a good health system will thrive and people will live healthier lives. We will continue to support great ideas and excellent research to make that a reality'.

Key outputs included:-

  • €41.5 million awarded in research grant funding.
  • 125 new grant awards made.
  • €14m+ secured from Horizon 2020 funding.
  • 2,329 cancer patients recruited on cancer clinical trials.
  • 1,827 patients participating in 135 clinical trials at the three HRB Clinical Research Facilities.
  • Approximately 300 research positions supported.
  • Five major evidence reviews published.
  • Four HRB Research Leaders appointed.
  • Four new Clinical Trial Networks launched.
  • Over 100,000 complex data records collected, verified and processed through the five HRB national health information systems.

Copies can be downloaded from the HRB website at the link below.

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