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Expanding Ireland’s involvement in clinical trials

29 September 2016

More Irish people will have access to multi-centre clinical trials as a result of HRB Clinical Research Coordination Ireland (HRB -CRCI) which is officially launched today. The hub will be central to building Ireland’s reputation as a preferred location to conduct clinical trials.

HRB CRCI will deliver widespread benefit; helping patients understand more about clinical research and participating in trials, assisting health professionals to get involved in clinical research, helping the life sciences industry deliver high quality clinical research in Ireland and guiding academics to develop research proposals which involves patients.

Professor Joe Eustace, Chair of the senior management team of HRB CRCI said,

‘Our long term goal is to systematically address the barriers that limit the ability of Irish patients to access multicentre clinical trials and to ensure that Ireland is recognised internationally as a preferred location for such trials.

Together we will underpin the set-up and conduct of both academic and commercially sponsored clinical trials for the benefit of Irish patients. We will ensure that all such research is undertaken to the highest possible uniform standard’.

For the past decade, the HRB has been pursuing a very deliberate and strategic approach to develop Ireland’s clinical research infrastructure to ensure new research discoveries lead to improvements in peoples’ health, patient care and health service delivery.

According to Dr Graham Love, Chief Executive at the Health Research Board,

‘International evidence shows that patients in healthcare settings which carry out clinical trials do better than patients in healthcare settings that don’t. That is why the HRB has been systematically developing Irish clinical trial infrastructure.

I am happy to say that with the launch of HRB CRCI we have reached the next step in the evolution of our clinical trials ecosystem. It will help ensure multi-centre clinical trials can be done more efficiently in Irish clinical research facilities by health professionals and companies'.

More information is available from the press release at the link below.

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