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Intellectual Disability Services - latest figures on current use and future demand

29 September 2016

The Health Research Board (HRB) today published the Annual Report of the National Intellectual Disability Database Committee 2015. The report, based on data from 28,108 people, highlights service provision levels in 2015 along with estimates of service requirements from now until 2020.

The report will be launched today by Minister of State with special responsibility for Disabilities, Finian McGrath, T.D, at a prize-giving ceremony in Stewarts Care, Palmerstown, Dublin 20. This is to celebrate David McKenna’s success in winning the National Intellectual Disability Database (NIDD) cover design competition. His painting was selected from more than 250 entries nationwide as the cover image of the report. David attends Mill Lane Training Centre at Stewarts Care.

‘We gather this data to improve people’s lives. It will be used to plan future allocation of resources and services and to monitor the impact of policy decisions such as the move to community-based living arrangements’, says Graham Love, Chief Executive of the Health Research Board.

More details are available from the press release, and the report and summary infographics can be downloaded from the HRB website.

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