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Immune system plays major role in regulation of body weight

1 September 2016

New research involving a team of Irish, American and Canadian researchers reveals that the immune system could be responsible for as much as 40% of our body’s ability to regulate weight.

Fitness Instructor Brendan Quinn who participated in this HRB-funded research

Professor Donal O’Shea, Consultant Endocrinologist at St Vincent’s University Hospital and University College Dublin, and one of the lead authors on the research paper, says

‘These findings represent a significant step forward in our understanding of why people often find it so hard to lose weight, despite their best efforts. The findings should help break many of the stigmas associated with obesity, and most importantly, they could dramatically improve outcomes for patients.

Graham Love, Chief Executive of the Health Research Board, who funded the Irish arm of the research comments,

‘This is a highly significant breakthrough in understanding obesity, one of the global health challenges of our time. It will help change approaches we take to care and transform many people’s lives’.

You can read the full story in the HRB press release at the link underneath.

The research has just been published in the journal Cell Metabolism and is available from their website at the link below.

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