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How can recruitment to clinical trials be improved?

25 July 2016

Now is your chance to have your say and see if your ideas will be listed in the 'Top-ten' most important unanswered questions about how people join trials.

The HRB-Trial Methodology Research network is working with the James Lind Alliance in the UK to find out the most important questions for future research about recruitment methods in trials. The aim is that this future research will improve the process of how people get involved in trials and increase the number of people that take part.

They are inviting people from across Ireland and the UK, who have current or past experience directly in designing, conducting or taking part in randomised trials, to participate in a short survey so that randomised trials can be improved.

Whether you are a researcher, a patient, a health professional or interested member of the public, now is your chance to have your say. 

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