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High prevalence rates for hidden health problems facing mothers

7 November 2016

A HRB-funded study by researchers in Trinity College Dublin has revealed a litany of hidden health problems affecting every aspect of mother's lives, including mental, physical and sexual health.

According to Dr Graham Love, Chief Executive of the Health Research Board,

'These findings are a clear demonstration of the power of health research to give clinicians and service planners high-quality evidence to inform what they do. Research is vital if we want to continually improve our understanding of people’s real health needs'.

The interim findings from the Maternal Health and Maternal Morbidity in Ireland study (MAMMI), a longitudinal study on the health of first-time mothers, has revealed that for a wide range of conditions prevalence rates are high to very high while the rate at which women are being asked about these conditions by health care professionals is extremely low.

The findings are being presented today at a major conference. More details are available from the press release on the Trinity College website. A copy of the release is available below.

Media queries and requests for further information can be directed to Yolanda Kennedy, Press Officer for the Faculty of Health Science, TCD, e yokenned(at), t +353 1 8964337, m +353863860638.

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