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Ketamine to be trialled to prevent recurrent depression

13 October 2016

The HRB and the Medical Research Charities Group are funding a team from Trinity College Dublin, that will investigate whether the children’s anaesthetic ketamine, which has recently been shown to have antidepressant effects, could help people who recover from severe depressions to remain well.

Professor Declan McLoughlin, Research Professor of Psychiatry in Trinity explains;

'We‘ve seen from research over the last number of years that ketamine can be a powerful antidepressant. We also know that people who have just recovered from depression are at very high risk for another episode. In our own studies, we aim to see whether it’s possible to harness that powerful antidepressant action of ketamine to prevent future depressive episodes in people who have recently recovered from depression. This has never been done before'.  

The research team are also looking for healthy volunteers who are needed to complete mood and memory assessments to maintain the scientific quality of the studies. These volunteers do not receive any treatments or medications. Please contact thekeepwellstudy(at)

A press release from TCD contains further details, and general information about the research is available at:

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