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HRB invests €7.6 million in new projects

27 April 2017

Two new schemes will support 15 projects which range from topics like resource allocation in dementia care, to whether aspirin can help control diabetes in early pregnancy.

The awards come from two new HRB schemes that have been tailored to deliver on precise aspects of the HRB strategy 2016-2020.

The Definitive Intervention and Feasibility Award scheme is designed to boost research activity in clinical trials and definitive interventions. It builds on a series of previous HRB investments that have put in place the facilities, the support staff and the research networks that are necessary to conduct clinical trials research to international standards. 

The Applied Partnership Award scheme aims to encourage a partnership-based, co-funding approach to nationally relevant research topics. A key requirement is to build a consortium of key partners in order to optimize the likelihood of the research evidence being applied into practice and / or policy.  

More details and the full list of awards and successful principal investigators is available from the HRB press release at the link below.

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