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Setting national biobanking standards

13 July 2017

The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) have opened a public consultation process on a new ISO standard for biobanking.

ISO 20387 - Biotechnology - Biobanking - General requirements will be issued in July 2017, with a three-month public commenting period. The NSAI are planning a number of stakeholder workshops in early September, with likely venues in Dublin and Cork.

According to Dr Mairead O'Driscoll, Interim Chief Executive at the Health Research Board,

'We would strongly encourage members of the HRB community who use and / or manage biobanking services and facilities to get involved. We would very much like you to contribute to the consultation process.

It is a valuable opportunity to understand the potential implications of this new standard for biobanking within research. And it provides an early window to identify the challenges and get a head start on the opportunities that this new standard will create'.

More details are available from the NSAI website, including a poll on potential workshop locations.

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