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Screening tool proven to reduce adverse drug reactions among elderly patients

28 July 2016

A HRB-funded study has shown how a simple intervention can substantially reduce adverse drug reactions, improve patient outcomes and make significant savings to patient and exchequer medication costs.[more]

Dialysis patients who smoke die earlier

28 July 2016

They also are less likely to get a transplant according to new research conducted at University Limerick which is co-funded by the Health Research Board and the Irish Heart Foundation.[more]

How can recruitment to clinical trials be improved?

25 July 2016

Now is your chance to have your say and see if your ideas will be listed in the 'Top-ten' most important unanswered questions about how people join trials. [more]

HRB publish latest data from Irish Psychiatric Units and Hospitals 2015

21 July 2016

Figures show young people between 20-24 years of age had the highest rate of all admissions at 577.7 per 100,000 population. The 18-19 year olds had the highest rate of first admissions at 287.0 per 100,000 which has been the...[more]

Improving hand hygiene in intensive care units

19 July 2016

With healthcare-associated infections affecting, on average, 5% of hospitalised patients in Ireland [i], a new HRB-funded project at NUI Galway is to provide theoretically valid and practical tools and ways for improving hand...[more]

HRB Annual Report 2015 published

28 June 2016

€41.5 million in funding, 125 major awards made, 3,000 patients on clinical trials, along with major contributions to health policy - just some of the HRB's achievements during 2015.[more]

Minister McGrath welcomes latest HRB evidence review

27 June 2016

The review examines approaches taken to individualised budgeting for social care services for people with a disability and the related outcomes and experiences. It also examines the financial sustainability of the approaches...[more]

EU research project to improve Hepatitis C treatment services

23 June 2016

Irish researchers secure €1.8 million through the Third EU Public Health Programme for research on Hepatitis C.[more]

HRB publishes new report on alcohol consumption, harm and cost

22 June 2016

The report reveals new data about impact of alcohol on the health system. It examines national findings on patterns and effects of alcohol consumption on us as individuals and as a society.[more]

Public and patient involvement in health research

21 June 2016

HRB publishes proposals and invites comments on its approach to develop and strengthen Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) in research in Ireland.[more]

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