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HRB Chairman stresses importance of continued investment in health research

4 November 2008

The HRB will publish the HRB Annual report 2007 and A Picture of Health 2008 on Tuesday 4 November.[more]

Proactive approach to tackle crack cocaine in Ireland

22 October 2008

HRB report provides the evidence base for a proactive strategy to tackle crack cocaine use in Ireland. A new HRB report published on Wednesday 22 October 2008 provides the evidence base for a proactive strategy to tackle crack...[more]

Continued investment and expansion of services needed for children aged 0 - 5 with an intellectual disability - HRB Report

27 July 2008

A new report from the Health Research Board (HRB) has examined the demand for, and provision of, treatment for children aged 0-5 years with an intellectual disability. The report, which is based on figures from the National...[more]

Trends in problem drug use in Ireland, 2001 - 2006

13 May 2008

A total of 68,754 cases* aged between 15 and 64 years were treated for problem drug use in Ireland between 2001 and 2006. The latest report from the Health Research Board (HRB) shows that almost one in five of these cases (18%)...[more]

HRB measures economic and social benefits of funded research

11 May 2008

In the first Irish study of its kind, the Health Research Board (HRB) has assessed the cumulative outcomes of a selection of HRB funded research projects over time to demonstrate the impact that HRB funding is having on people?s...[more]

HRB build on 10 years of leading the way in Irish clinical research training

9 April 2008

The Health Research Board (HRB) has announced eight new research awards for doctors which will enable them to undertake a PhD in a topic of their own choice. Now in the tenth year of its pioneering Clinical Research Training...[more]

€10 million for HRB Research Centres to tackle specific health needs

2 April 2008

People suffering from diabetes or obesity and vulnerable patient groups including the elderly, children, pregnant women and drug users will benefit from new research which will be conducted in two 'virtual' HRB Research Centres....[more]

One in four adults use the Internet to find out more about health issues

30 March 2008

New research from the Health Research Board (HRB) shows that more than one in four Irish adults have used the Internet to search for information about health issues. Females who are in employment are the most likely to use the...[more]

Trends in treatment for problem alcohol use: HRB publishes preliminary figures

18 March 2008

The number of people seeking treatment for problem alcohol use is increasing, according to preliminary figures released today by the Health Research Board. A total of 16,020 cases* aged between 15 and 64 years were treated for...[more]

HRB publish a review of suicide and suicide prevention

6 March 2008

A new report published today by the Health Research Board (HRB) focuses on the level of suicide and deliberate self harm in Ireland, potential reasons behind suicide and reviews prevention measures. The report reveals that there...[more]

€11 million investment for a new clinical research facility in Cork

28 February 2008

The Health Research Board (HRB) and the Health Service Executive (HSE) announced today that they will jointly fund a new Clinical Research Facility in Cork. The aim of HRB/HSE Clinical Research Facility (CRF) is to provide the...[more]

Ultrasonic eyes win HRB prize

14 January 2008

Alan Byrne from Deansrath Community College, Clondalkin has won the HRB sponsored special prize at this year s BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition. Alan came up with a clever solution to help people who have a visual...[more]

Psychiatric inpatient admissions continue to fall

18 December 2007

There were 20,288 admissions to Irish psychiatric units and hospitals during 2006. This is 965 fewer than in 2005, which represents a decrease of 4.7%. A total of 5,601 people were admitted for the first time, but re-admissions...[more]

New report reveals the latest drug trends in Europe - HRB compares situation in Ireland with European findings

22 November 2007

A new report on the state of the drugs problem across Europe indicates that heroin use and drug injecting have become ?generally less common?, and suggests that cannabis use may be stabilising. However, cocaine use and...[more]

New study looks at trends in re-admissions to Irish Psychiatric hospitals and units

12 November 2007

A new study shows that one in three patients admitted to psychiatric units or hospitals in 2001 were admitted again, at least once, during the following five years. The report by the Health Research Board (HRB) shows that 7% were...[more]

New report highlights levels of psychological distress in the Irish population

8 November 2007

The Health Research Board will publish a new report on the state of Irish people?s psychological health today. The report is based on a survey which shows that one in every seven people reported that they had experienced a...[more]

Education, employment and accommodation needed to help address problem drug use

6 November 2007

Homelessness and unemployment among problem drug users could eventually undermine the benefits of the treatment they receive, according to a new report published today by the Health Research Board (HRB).[more]

HRB report on intellectual disability reveals that demand for full-time residential services is still rising

2 November 2007

More than 2,000 people with an intellectual disability will need full-time residential care between 2008 and 2012 according to the latest figures from the National Intellectual Disability Database Annual Report 2007, published...[more]

Health-related consequences of problem alcohol use

1 November 2007

Alcohol consumption in the Irish population has increased by 17% over the past 11 years, from 11.5 litres per adult in 1995 to 13.4 litres in 2006. This rise in consumption has led to increases in alcohol-related harm and...[more]

€4.5 million health research investment has positive impact on health services

17 September 2007

The Health Research Board (HRB) has published the 2007 edition of 'A Picture of Health'. This book outlines, in plain English, the most recent breakthroughs in health research from a total of 48 experts in five third level...[more]

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