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€5.5 million for Irish biomedical research

22 October 2017

Three new projects will investigate more effective MRSA treatment options, sequence the genome of ‘Atlantic-edge’ populations and explore how the brain regulates access to feelings, perceptions and memories.

Dr Rachel McLoughlin, TCD, one of the recipients of the 2017 Investigator Awards in Science.

The Investigator Awards are made under the SFI-HRB Wellcome Biomedical Research Partnership

Dr Rachel McLoughlin, Professor Daniel Bradley and Professor Mani Ramaswami, all from Trinity College Dublin (TCD), and their teams will receive a total of over €5.55 million in funding for their biomedical research projects.

The Investigator Awards are one of the most prestigious awards made under the partnership and will support Dr McLoughlin’s research to help improve antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) treatment options, Prof Bradley’s exploration into our genetic history, which will include discovering the origin of inherited diseases, and Prof Ramaswami’s investigation of how the brain regulates access to feelings, perceptions and memories.

Dr Mairead O’Driscoll, Interim Chief Executive at the HRB added,

'You’re competing with some of the world’s best when you apply for Wellcome funding. So, these awards are a ringing endorsement of Profs Bradley, Ramaswami and Dr McLoughlin. In the case of Dr McLoughlin, we are delighted that she can build on her previous HRB-funded work in the area of MRSA and the search for a vaccine for the superbug. I wish them all every success in their endeavours'.

More details can be found from the full press release on the SFI website at the link below.

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