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Antibiotic resistance – What do we do when the bugs outsmart the drugs?

31 May 2016

The Health Research Board is hosting a public conversation about the threat that antibiotic resistance poses to public health on a global scale. It will take place in the Paccar Theatre at Science Gallery Dublin at Trinity College Dublin on Wednesday 1 June at 1800.

In the 90 years since penicillin was first discovered, bugs have developed resistance to Penicillin and other antibiotics. The latest World Health Organisation report shows that there is a high level of antibiotic resistance in all regions of the world. So what happens when they no longer work?

According to Graham Love, Chief Executive at the Health Research Board,

‘The use and misuse of antibiotics has allowed drugs to develop resistance to bacteria strains. If antibiotics no longer work, we are headed for an era where common infections or minor cuts could lead to death, not discomfort’.

The Health Research Board is hosting this event on the race between drugs and bugs to create a better understanding of what causes antibiotic resistance, the situation we are now in and what can be done about it, if anything. Join presenter Jonathan McCrea and

  • leading author in public health, Maryn McKenna,
  • GP and Director of the HRB Primary Care Clinical Trial Network, Prof Andrew Murphy and
  • RCSI Senior Lecturer in Clinical Microbiology and Consultant Microbiologist, Dr Fidelma Fitzpatrick

for a public conversation on the issue.

Attendance is free, but advance registration is required. If you can't make it, there will be a live stream of the event. Registration and streaming information are available at the link below.

For more information contact

Gillian Markey, Communications Manager, Health Research Board
t + 353 87 2288514 
e gmarkey(at)

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