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7th International Cancer Conference 2009

13 May 2009

The theme of this year's conference is 'Enhancing Cancer Cure through Patient focused Healthcare and Research'.

Event starts: 8:00am 13 May 2009

Event ends: 2:00pm 15 May 2009

Location: Trinity Centre, St James's Hospital, Dublin

CANCER 2009 will address key issues in cancer strategy, cancer care and cancer research, placing the patient at the centre of a focused interdisciplinary approach aimed at improving cancer outcomes. The Conference will discuss the key priorities at national and international levels, identifying appropriate solutions based on best international practice and examining how we can appropriately embed research within our health service.

Mr Enda Connolly, CEO, Health Research Board, will introduce the HRB lecture at the conference.  This year's title is 'The cost of cancer and access to innovative drugs in oncology' and will be given by Prof David Khayat, Head, Department of Medical Oncology, Salpetriere Hospital, Paris.

Full conference details and registration information is available at

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