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Graves Lecture 2009

20 May 2009

Professor Rose Anne Kenny, Consultant in General & Geriatric Medicine, St. James's Hospital, Dublin & Head of Dept. of Medical Gerontology, Trinity College Dublin, will give the 49th Graves lecture.

Event starts: 6:00pm 20 May 2009

Event ends: 7:00pm 20 May 2009

Location: Number 6, Kildare Street

Contacts: Brian Cummins, HRB, Gillian Markey, HRB

The subject of the lecture will be; Are we ruled by our hearts or our heads?Neurocardiovascular stability in young and old?

Reception afterwards 8-9pm.

The age old question - whether we are ruled by our hearts or by our heads.

The brain and nervous system intimately control blood pressure, heart rate and heart function.  Conversely, cardiovascular factors play a fundamental role in brain behaviour at all ages including age related neurodegenerative disorders.

A substantial body of recent research has contributed to our understanding of this bidirectional research. Syncope is a common symptom, presenting to many specialities and will be use to explore the clinical importance of heart-head function and new diagnostic and treatment options. Cross disciplinary day case management of syncope is  as an efficient and effective health care model in the current resource constrained environment

Ireland  plays a leadership role in technlogy research solutions (TRIL) and longitudinal health, social and economic data collation (TILDA) to inform fundamental and applied research on the neuropsychological and cardiovascular behaviours.

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