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HRB Red Alert - bloody art and bloody epidemics

25 November 2014

Update: 5 January 2015 - The HRB Red Alert Series was part of the BLOOD exhibition at the Science Gallery. The first event was a workshop which explores the intersection of art and the human body - often expressed through works using blood. The second event engaged experts in a public conversation about the Ebola virus outbreak with a view to informing future actions.

Watch the panel discussion on YouTube at the link below

You can now view a video recording of the HRB-sponsored Ebola discussion. Join Claire O'Connell, scientist-turned-writer (The Irish Times, Silicon Republic, New Scientist), global health journalist Maryn McKenna (WIRED, National Geographic, Scientific American), Chair in Comparative Immunology, Cliona O'Farrelly (Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute), and infectious diseases expert Colin Brown (King's College London) on Ebola - as they discuss the science of transmission and infection, and the spectrum of media coverage that has accompanied the outbreak. End update.

Original news story text:

According to Graham Love, Chief Executive at the HRB, 

'This exhibition is an excellent opportunity for the HRB to support and encourage public discussion, participation and understanding of the role that science and research play in society. The HRB Red Alert Series is designed to engage people in discussion about topical issues. Given the role blood has in both health and disease, we hope it will highlight the importance it has in research as well.'

The BLOOD exhibition is open at the Science Gallery from 24 October 2014 until 23 January 2015. Details for the HRB Red Alert Series are below.

Thursday 4 December, 1800 - 1930

BLOOD Curator Jens Hauser will lead a collaborative and conversational workshop on BioArt. More details are available from the science Gallery website at

Advance booking is required. €10 admission fee.

Thursday 11 December 1830 - 1930

Professor Luke O'Neill will lead a discussion on Ebola - the science of transmission and infection, and the spectrum of media coverage that has accompanied the outbreak.

Admission is free, but booking is required at

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