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HRB logo - two types

Stacked version

This should be used in publication and corporate report covers. It is available in blue text, black text and a reversed version with white text against a sold background. The HRB logo should not be rescaled, or altered in any way, such as stretching one side or removing any elements of it. Our Brand Guidelines are available to download as a PDF document below and this sets out the correct way to use the logo.

Landscape version

This logo is intended for landscape use online and in PowerPoint. It is available in blue text, black text and white text set on a solid background.

All logos are available in both low resolution and high resolution formats. Low resolution formats on this page are suitable for most desktop publishing and online use.

High resolution versions, suitable for use with professional graphic design software are available on this sub-page.

Directional signage

Directional and information signs on doors and walls must use a bilingual version of the logo.

Download our logo guidelines

Landscape - Low resolution thumbnail versions

Landscape - Low resolution full size versions

Bilingual version

HRB Logo - the concept

HRB logo - blue text on a white background

This 'formula' for the organisation links the two elements of Health and Research. With a nod to sub and superscripts used in chemical formulas and mathematical expressions, ‘H’ and ‘B’ sit above and below the baseline, while ‘R’ for Research is at the centre. Paired with a modern serif font this logo symbolises collaboration, achieving results and the trusted communication of quality information.

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